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Better Together

Ingenuity is contagious, productivity is propelled, and accountability is key. The beauty behind a community workspace is vast, but one that stands out amongst the rest? The community itself. Surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals who have similar dreams and goals. It’s one of the unexpected perks, perhaps something you weren’t even looking for when you began your time here at Firehouse. What’s so powerful about immersing yourself within community, anyway? Here are 3 ways of why building comradery makes us truly “better together”:

  1. Old dog, new tricks; young dog, new tricks. The point is: you’re continually learning. You’re immersed in a sea of knowledge, each individual acutely aware of their craft and expertise. You can borrow from other’s experiences, and gain insight into different perspectives. Collective wisdom is a powerful concept, and one you can utilize in a community workspace.

  2. I’ll get by with a little help from my friends. When you don’t have the motivation, borrow it. You’re not a machine; you’re human. And humans have emotions. We doubt, we question, we second guess. Whether you don’t feel like you’re making any headway, you’re stumped, or you’re deflated - grab a cup of coffee and a pep talk from your friend at a neighboring desk.

  3. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Accountability is vital to the success of an end goal. Just showing up. A simple “See you tomorrow!” Is enough to make your feet hit the ground the next morning and head into your workspace. They’re going to show up, they expect you to show up, and you said you’d show up: you’re a person of your word. On those days where you’d rather be doing anything else but working on what you’re working on? Those are the days when the “see you tomorrow!” really make all the difference.

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