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How to book Firehouse Workspace's Studio

Step 1: Become a Community Member

Becoming a Community Member is easy and free! Use the Login/Register button in the menu bar to create your account.

Choose Community Member from the membership options.

Then, click the Register Today! button.

Step 2: Pick your date & time

Now that you're a Community Member, go to the Reservations tab in the menu bar. In the drop down menu, choose Conference Room for a meeting or Creative Space to book the Podcast Studio or Photography Studio.


Small meetings can also be held in the Podcast Studio and larger meetings can use the Photography Studio.

Click the Book Now button at the top of the page, above the calendar.

Next, choose your date, followed by starting time and ending time, then click Book Now.


Step 3: Get to work!

Join us at Firehouse Workspace for your booking. See you soon!

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