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Firehouse W0rkspace Wellness Plan

At Firehouse Workspace, our members are our community. As a community, we bear the responsibility of caring for and showing respect to one another. However, we are a diverse community with a variety of opinions and outlooks. With those thoughts in mind, we have formulated the following Wellness Plan.


  1. If you are feeling unwell and are uncertain if you are contagious, please respect the other members of Firehouse Workspace by working from home. This includes, but is not limited to, Covid-19 symptoms, cold symptoms, and flu symptoms.

  2. Firehouse Workspace will be sanitized on a daily basis. For the time being, a table of cleaning supplies will be provided near the front door should members prefer to do any additional cleaning of their space.

  3. As a matter of daily hygiene, please follow recommended hand washing procedures and sneezing or coughing etiquette.

  4. Firehouse Workspace encourages members to comply with federal, state and local safety recommendations, but we will continue to support our members in accessing their basic human and constitutional rights. Firehouse Workspace encourages each individual to accept personal responsibility and accountability on the premise of noble citizenship by recognizing, and practicing, the provided safety recommendations.

Because Firehouse Workspace is a membership based organization, we have control over the number of people with access to the space. We will not exceed recommended capacity and request that members take responsibility by staying six feet away from one another. Desks will be arranged in such a way that this is easily attainable.

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