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How to Maximize a Small Office

Being confined to a small office can lead to lower productivity, loneliness, and stress. Having an efficient work space is important - even if it is compact. Here are a couple of tips for maximizing the space you have.

1. Make use of common areas: Conference rooms, common spaces, and break rooms should be set up so employees can change scenery.

2. Digitize.: By going paperless, you can get rid of physical copies - giving you a lot more space.

3. Simplify, declutter & stay organized: Pull a Marie Kondo and chunk anything that doesn’t spark joy or serve a purpose. Donate, recycle, and toss then keep it tidy moving forward.

4. Go up (vertical): Take advantage of shelving to free up desk and floor space.

5. Frequent breaks: Get out of the office to stretch your legs and your mind.

6. Smaller furniture: Ditch the huge desk and buy small-scale pieces.

Use these tips to transform your office into a space that feels spacious and inviting. And be sure to take advantage of windows, mirrors, light colors, and anything else that makes a room feel larger.

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