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Get Your Company to Pay for Coworking

The pandemic of 2020 had a negative impact on businesses all over the world, but it also created many positive changes in the workplace. Nearly every American now knows how to use Zoom and Webex, and we all know that working from home is possible (even if it isn’t preferable). In fact, some companies are foregoing office space altogether. But navigating the work-from-home life isn’t easy. Perhaps you have roommates and can’t find a quiet place to work. Maybe you and your spouse both work from home, and there are constant distractions (laundry, dishes, kids, pets, noises, meals, and mess).

Whether you are new to the WFH life or you’ve been juggling work/home life for years, coworking spaces could be a lifesaver, and it might be worth it to ask your employer to cover the cost of your membership. Consider asking for a meeting with your boss to discuss how a coworking space could increase your productivity and result in ROI for your company. You might be surprised to find out they already offer a stipend or reimbursement for office space! Maybe they only cover half, but it’s worth the conversation.

Remember to explain the benefits, including the downsides of working from home versus the benefits of working in a shared space and how that will translate into a win for the company.

Talking Points:

  • Fewer distractions (say goodbye to kids in the background)

  • Reliable high-speed internet (no more freezing on Zoom)

  • Focused work time (get more done in less time)

  • Space to meet with clients (your kitchen might be cute, but it’s not the right space for meetings)

  • Avoid temptations (TV, snacks, pajamas)

  • Better work-life balance (routine helps with burnout)

  • Increased creativity and morale

Before approaching your supervisor, make sure you know what options are available in your area. Some coworking spaces are just one big room with tables and chairs while others offer full-time private rooms, shared offices, and drop-in areas. Know what spaces are available and the costs. Doing your homework will help your case. If you’re looking for flexible office space and want to be part of a community, click here to learn more about the coworking options at Firehouse.

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