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Firehouse's Favorites: Meeting Places in Clovis

It’s no secret that here at Firehouse Workspace, we’re advocates for community within a workspace. We believe there's power, proficiency and productivity when we’re in community, and there’s something to be said for the atmosphere when it comes to the space you’re working in. We believe coworking promotes wellness, and we wanted to let you know about our favorite meeting + conference rooms in our own town of Clovis.

The Conference Room At The Master’s Centre: Open from 7am-10pm, the hours at The Conference Room give you flexibility and availability. Located at 810 E 21st, this conference room is fully equipped for whatever you may need to host a successful meeting. Contact Sherri Wilson, the Conference Room Coordinator, at (575) 693-6702 for more info.

The Hub Event Venue: Located in historic downtown Clovis, the Hub is an ideal location to host meetings and events. The owner, Sherri, oversees the rental process. They have dozens of banquet chairs, rectangular tables, audio/visual equipment, 65’ HD television, and sound system. Moreover, the funds created by the Hub’s rental use don't go to a private party; rather, the money helps fund other’s through Sherri’s church. You can book either online or in person!

Clovis-Carver Public Library: Our local library isn’t only an incredible resource for knowledge through it's books, but also provides the space to host meetings. Other than Sundays or Federal holidays, you can rent the Ingram room at a reasonable $20/hour. For inquiries about booking the Ingram room, call the library at (575) 769-7840.

K-Bob’s Restaurant: I get it. When you think of K-Bob’s Restaurant, the first thought that probably enters your mind is one of their hand-cut, mouth-watering steaks. But besides offering one of the best meals in Clovis, you can also host your events at K-Bobs. They have a group menu available, but you’re also able to customize your menu for any occasion!

Blackwater Coffee Co. Conference Room: What could be a bigger hit than hosting a meeting with the best cup of coffee in Clovis? Blackwater Coffee Co., a locally and family owned business, offers an incredibly competitive rate of $15/hour for renting their meeting space. It’s a bright and airy space with a delicious cup of coffee at your fingertips. Count us in!

Firehouse Workspace: I mean, we couldn’t leave out one of our favorite coworking spaces! Here at Firehouse, we create spaces for all types of professionals. When it comes to meetings, we offer both our Conference room (ideal for larger groups) and our Huddle Room (ideal for smaller groups). We also offer our creative spaces to host meetings, too! Our Podcast Studio is great for hosting smaller meetings, while our Photography Studio has a larger capacity. We’re passionate about creating community through our comfortable, coworking space, and truly believe we can help you define and achieve that ideal work-life balance.

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