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More professional. Greater privacy.

When you use your home address for business, you sacrifice your family's privacy. Anyone can google where you live, and even how much your house is worth. A post office box can seem less professional or legitimate, and can't be used when you need a physical address. That's where virtual mail comes in.


We're under construction

We'd say 2020 has been unreliable (and that's a nice way of putting it). Firehouse Workspace is looking forward to kicking off a fresh new year by opening in 2021. Here's where you learn more about the expected timeline for Firehouse Workspace.


Working alone has drawbacks

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Lack of Professionalism

Sure, you can have a business meeting at home or in a coffee shop. But a business setting gives your clients confidence in you.

Missed Opportunities

How can you network if you're chained to your desk at home? Think of all the clients and collaborators you've missed.

Lower productivity

Studies show that coworking members are more motivated and have better skill development than other people.


more than just a desk

Affordable Pricing

So you retain more of what you earn


Because your business isn't anyone else's business

Office Amenities

Just bring your laptop... we provide the printer and the copier!

Casual Meeting

Becoming a member is easy

Join the Firehouse Community in three simple steps


We can't wait to welcome you to our community and show you our membership benefits in person! Just click the button below to choose your time and date.


The Firehouse has several options, ranging from daily drop-ins to monthly office rental. Need a one-time conference or meeting room? Get that here too!


Download the Proximity App for remote door access. Then connect with the Firehouse community for a happier and more productive work experience!


Our Amenities & Facilities

High-Speed Internet

Photo Studio

Mail Services

24/7 Building Access

Affordable Pricing

Podcast Studio


At Firehouse Workspace we know you're the kind of people who want to build careers they love. In order to be that way, you need a dedicated workspace, with all the amenities necessary for you to create and network. The problem is that traditional office space is expensive, and working from home is full of distractions. We believe that your earning potential shouldn't be held back by high rent payments or the need to fold a load of laundry. We understand what it's like to balance all the demands of a small business. That's why we created Firehouse Workspace. Here's how it works: First, come see our facilities. Then decide on a membership. Finally, get to work! Schedule a tour now, so you can stop wasting money on an over-priced office or feeling guilty that the grass needs mowing and start creating, collaborating, and growing your career!


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